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CSS-based tabs

There are many available solutions for creating a tabbed interface on a webpage. Most of them have in common that they are using JavaScript and/or use a html structure that separates the headers from the content that they belong to. What we aim to do here is to build a tabbed interface from a set of widgets, without changing the document structure. Let's start with some html code:

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Problems with display: table-cell;

Vertical centering of content is something that took a giant step backwards with the departure from table-based layout. The CSS-property vertical-align is limited and in most cases does nothing more than centering inline content vertically inside its' line.

With one line of content, you can set a large line-height, f.ex. 100px and vertical-align: middle; will center your content vertically within the 100px, but this only works when you have one line.

Another solution can be used if you have content with a known height within a container with known height. A combination of margin and position can vertically center your content. But as said, you need to know the height of both your content and the container outside your content.

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