Descendant and child selectors

Most css coders are familiar with the basic descendant selector, parent child and use it all the time, perhaps too much. The descendant selector is applied to every single child of parent and that is not always ideal.

The direct child selectors

A better solution in some cases is the direct child selector: parent > child. The difference between this and the descendant selector mentioned above is best explained with a nested list

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Be slightly careful when using web fonts

Web fonts make it real easy to use almost any font on your website and that is good. But one thing that webmasters seem to not notice is that web font files are quite heavy and will easily outweigh the rest of an average web page.

As an examle, let's take a look at a new blog I set up recently, Fishing Base Blog. At the moment it uses WordPress' default theme which include the Open Sans font. I have added a background image (46kb) and tracking code for Piwik (21kb). The total size in kb for the frontpage is now 281.5 kb which is not bad by todays standards.

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CSS for keyboard navigation

Some people, for various reasons, use their keyboard instead of a mouse to navigate web pages. Since keyboards and mice interact differently with your website, your website doesn't necessarily work optimally for keyboard users if you have coded it with mouse users in mind.

A typical scenario is that a keyboard user jumps from link to link (with the tab key but depends on the browser). When that happens, the :focus state becomes active and the link is highlighted in some way by the web browser. This default highlighting, typically an outline, might not be as good as it could be so you should consider to do something about it.

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CSS-based tabs

There are many available solutions for creating a tabbed interface on a webpage. Most of them have in common that they are using JavaScript and/or use a html structure that separates the headers from the content that they belong to. What we aim to do here is to build a tabbed interface from a set of widgets, without changing the document structure. Let's start with some html code:

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